Suspect clean night of Collum death



By Adam Armour

Itawamba County Times

FULTON – Toxicology reports show the blood of the 19-year-old suspect arrested after the death of Sgt. John Collum was clear of both drugs and alcohol on the night of the accident.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Itawamba County Sheriff’s Department released the findings Thursday.

Charles “Cody” Weaver, was charged with negligent homicide after his Nissan Sentra struck and killed Collum on John Rankin Highway in Fulton about 10 p.m. on May 9. Collum, a 15-year veteran of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, was investigating a report of a suspicious person when he was struck and killed.

According to Sheriff Chris Dickinson, Weaver had trace amounts of a controlled substance in the pockets of his clothing and inside the car on the night of Collum’s death.

Weaver’s blood was sent to NMS Labs in Pennsylvania for testing. The sheriff said those tests came back clean.

The sheriff’s department will present evidence of the case to a grand jury early next week. The grand jury will then decide whether or not Weaver faces any further charges.

Dickinson said he is satisfied with the outcome of the investigation.

“Anytime someone is killed and there are a lot of question marks, it’s a bad situation,” Dickinson said. “Based on the evidence that we processed, we are at a point where we are satisfied that it was not a homicide.”

Weaver is currently out of jail on a $200,000 bond.

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  • Silverplate

    This will only boil down to a civil case.
    o a

  • harryblah

    him not having any drugs in his system means he was aware that his reckless driving could result in a fatality whether it was a pedestrian or the morons in the car with him.

  • user

    Funny how nothing I have seen mentioned that Collum might have had alcohol in his system. And what about the previous driver that had to almost hit him and called 911? This is nothing but a tragic accident.