Suspect in Collum’s death cleared



By Adam Armour

Itawamba County Times

FULTON – An Itawamba County grand jury has exonerated 19-year-old Charles “Cody” Weaver of any criminal wrongdoing in the May 9 death of Sgt. John Collum.

The decision effectively deems Collum’s death an accident in the eyes of the law. Weaver faces no further criminal charges.

Weaver, of Fulton, was initially charged with negligent homicide after his Nissan Sentra struck and killed Collum on John Rankin Highway in Fulton about 10 p.m. on May 9.

According to Sheriff Chris Dickinson, Weaver had trace amounts of a controlled substance in the pockets of his clothing and inside the car on the night of Collum’s death, resulting in the arrest.

However, in June, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Itawamba County Sheriff’s Department released the results of a toxicology report on Weaver’s blood the night of the accident, which showed his system was clear of both drugs and alcohol at the time of Collum’s death.

Collum, a 15-year veteran of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, was investigating a report of a suspicious person when he was struck and killed.

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  • barney fife

    So, since May young Mr. Weaver has lived with the ‘sword of Damocles’ overhead awaiting the legal community to determine that he did, in fact, have an accident?
    There’s just something wrong with that.
    Had the incident been reversed, would the badge-wearer suffer the same fate?
    Probably not.

  • harryblah

    since it showed that he wasn’t high during the hit, that means he was still speeding and driving recklessly, knowing he could kill someone. would those incompetent sacks of crap on the grand jury have still let him off if he killed all those in his car after slamming into a tree doing 70mph? probably. collum was not on the shoulder cause there isn’t one on that road. he was in it and deserves some of the responsibility for his death. it goes to show that those in Itawamba would rather side with the partiers and good ole boys than make anyone pay for a crime. Freddie brown helped a killer escape and let a man die on his property. being the one who threw major parties featuring illegal drugs, got probation instead of prison. this was a man who was sworn to help people.

  • user

    It’s a shame they won’t release Collum’s toxicology report. That would shed alot more light on the situation than what the media is reporting.