Sykes remains Ward 1 alderman in Aberdeen

By Rex Wilgus/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN — The election results for the Ward 1 alderman seat in Aberdeen will stand as per the Democratic Executive Committee. Five days after the April 3 primary election, the committee did a recount in the race between Robert Devaull and incumbent Alonzo Sykes, which didn’t change the outcome.

The original vote count was challenged due to misunderstandings with absentee ballots. Devaull lost the election to Sykes by 32 votes.

Monday Devaull again approached the committee to present evidence and 20 witnesses were in turn subpoenaed for Thursday’s follow up meeting.

After reviewing evidence, the committee made the ruling that though there were some irregularities, there weren’t enough discrepancies to overturn the election for the Ward 1 seat.

Sykes was officially sworn in as Ward 1 alderman Tuesday before the first board of alderman meeting with the newly elected board.

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