TCT to open Haunted Theatre on Friday

TUPELO – According to witnesses, the Lyric Theatre in Tupelo is haunted 365 days a year.
“Antoine” has been known to clomp around the theater in the wee hours.
“I’ve come in the next day and seen everything moved,” said Steve Miller, a Tupelo Community Theatre volunteer.
Beginning Friday, the “real” ghost will have help from Miller and others when TCT opens its 2009 Haunted Theatre.
Crews are putting together eight rooms designed to scare, frighten and unhinge anyone foolish enough to enter. The spook-fest isn’t recommended for kids under 12.
“We have themes for each room, so it will not be all jumping out and scaring you,” said Miller, who’s overseeing the Haunted Theatre. “We have some of that, but we try to have some drama involved, too.”
Miller is putting together a cemetery; Tupelo High School thespians are working up some backstage scares; and you’ll walk through a spooky parlor decorated with items from TCT’s extensive prop collection.
“It’s going to be upstairs and downstairs,” Miller said. “We’ll try to take people in groups of 10.”
Familiar parts of the Lyric are coated with yards and yards of black plastic. Black lights and strobes have been strategically placed, along with spider webs and skeletons.
Who knows what Antoine the ghost thinks about the ruckus? Miller and the rest of the volunteers are more concerned about your reaction.
“It’s got plot. It’s got themes,” Miller said. “It’s got substance to it. You’ll get your money’s worth.”

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