Tea Party favorite hits Tupelo

TUPELO – Conservative blogger and radio host Kevin Jackson rallied Tea Party supporters Friday in Tupelo as one half of a two-man tour.
The other half, Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, was bear hunting with wounded veterans in Alaska and couldn’t make it.
Flanked by area Tea Party members, Jackson visited about a dozen locales throughout the day. He drank coffee with residents at Cafe 212, debated with radio personalities on Power 92 Jamz and honored veterans at the Tupelo Veterans Museum.
Throughout it all, Jackson stayed on message: Liberals have ruined America, the Obama administration is racist and “entitlement” is a bad word.
Jackson, who hosts The Black Sphere radio show and writes a blog by the same name, described his life growing up on a sprawling farm in Texas. He said he learned to use his hands and respect his elders.
“It has been such a rich life, and I see it slipping away,” he told a group of about 25 veterans. “How did we get to this? It’s the liberals. They’re as useless as a screen door on a submarine.”
The remark earned laughter and applause from the group of mostly older white men.
Jackson is black. And he talked frankly about racism in America, as well as his dislike for the term “African-American.”
“I don’t know any African-Americans,” he said. “We’re all American.”
He blamed President Barack Obama and the liberals for creating the perception of racism where it doesn’t exist. And he joked that he and his usual tour partner, Joe the Plumber, are twins.
Even the southern part of the tour’s title mocked racial stereotypes: “The Fried Chicken Leg of the Ebony and Ivory Two Nekkid Heads Tour.”
Both Jackson and Wurzelbacher are bald.
When a woman in the crowd asked about Social Security woes, Jackson said the government should end the program and return to participants the money they put in.
“Those systems,” he said, “are set up to fleece you.”
Tupelo resident Fred Teer nodded in agreement several times during the 20-minute speech. He said afterward that Jackson spoke the truth.
Said Tea Party supporter Kay Chandler: “Kevin is everything the Tea Party stands for. He’s a true American.”

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Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

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