TEA party pushes Independence theme

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Bobby Myers couldn’t make the last TEA party in Tupelo but made it a point to attend Saturday’s gathering in front of City Hall.
“I’m overworked, overtaxed and paying everything to the government,” said Myers, who was joined by his wife, Ruth Ann. “We’ve got to have our freedom.”
The Potts Camp couple took part in Saturday’s Taxed Enough Already “party” that organizers said drew about 1,200 people. The participants gathered to protest what they said was unfair taxation and unrepresentative government leaders.
“I’m tired of what’s going on in Washington – the spending, everything,” said Paul Becker. “It’s just not right. It’s going against the Constitution. And they’ve taken God out of everything.”
Becker was holding a sign that said “Stop the spending.”
Oxford native and author Angela McGlowan, who also is a political analyst for Fox News, drew applause and cheers when she said that the July 4 gathering marked “Independence Day, not dependence on the government.”
“This is not a Republican issue, a Democratic issue; this is not a black issue or a white issue,” she exhorted the crowd. “This is about taxation without representation.”
McGlowan said that citizens should hold their political leaders on all levels accountable for their actions.
“They work for you – we pay their health care, we pay their benefits,” she said.
She said she is not favor term limits, preferring to let citizens determine term limits by voting.
McGlowan also railed against the Obama administration’s moves to spark the economy.
“When I see people losing their jobs, that’s not a bailout to me,” he said.
Her views were shared by many, who said they were frustrated with what they believe is big government getting even bigger.
Myers was holding aloft a sign that said “Your fair share is not in my wallet” and said that state’s rights were being trampled.
Added Ruth Ann Myers, “we’re losing all of our freedoms.”

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