Teen bicycle rider killed in hit-and-run in Jackson

By The Associated Press

JACKSON – A Jackson teenager has been killed in a hit-and-run traffic accident.

Seventeen-year-old Tommy Wheaton was riding his bike Sunday night when a car hit him, sending him 80 feet into the air. He died later at a hospital.

Students and faculty at Jim Hill High School remembered Wheaton Monday as a star student who worked for charitable causes and helped other students prepare for state-mandated tests.

Jackson police say the car that hit him is believed to have been a white Cadillac. They were on the lookout for the car and driver.

Jim Hill High Principal Bobby Brown said the school district’s lead counselor joined several social workers and the school’s three guidance counselors on Monday to support to grieving students.

“The students are discussing it, and the students from the neighborhood have been discussing it,” Brown said. “They are saddened, but they are coping very well. I haven’t had any students yet who needed additional grief counseling.

“We’ve had a lot of hugging, and a lot of handshakes.”

Teacher Marla Mondie said that Wheaton was one of the school’s top performers on nine-weeks exams.

“He was a very humble student, extremely smart, very respectful,” Mondie said. “He was a wonderful student to have in class. Whenever I taught him in class, he made sure that the other students caught on.”

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