Texting ban while driving passes

Twitter IpoBy Bobby Harrison

Daily Journal Jackson Bureau

JACKSON – The use of a hand-held cellphone to text, read or post on a social networking site while driving will be prohibited under a proposal that passed both chambers of the Legislature.

The legislation, which passed the 52-member Senate with three dissenting votes and 104-16 in the House on Tuesday, now goes to Gov. Phil Bryant.

Under the bill, it would be a $25 civil penalty, starting July 1 to text while driving. A year later, the fine would be increased to $100 for violating the texting law.

It would be prohibited for a driver “to write, send or read a text message and from using a social networking site while the motor vehicle is moving.”

“This is not the best, but it is a start to get a public policy against texting while driving,” said Rep. Willie Bailey, D-Greenville.

While the texting ban passed both chambers Tuesday, it could be held on a motion to reconsider, forcing another vote on the issue.

The Legislature is working to take up the final bills pending this week before the scheduled end of the session this weekend.


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  • Shar Parrish

    This makes me very happy!! On April 9, 2011 I lost my father to a distracted driver!! We’ve been trying to get this problem recognized ever since that day!! Thank you God for this blessing!!

  • Winston Smith

    Say I’m choosing a song from my ipod while driving.. Am I breaking the law? How would a police officer know the difference?

  • barney fife

    “Hang Up and Drive” has been my mantra for a very long time. Pay attention to the task of operating that vehicle and not play with the multitude of toys in your purse.