The following is a report former Tupelo Police Officer Terry C

The following is a report former Tupelo Police Officer Terry Carlton submitted after a Jan. 14, 1996, incident at Alfreda Middlebrooks’ home. Officer Calvin Mangum was on patrol with him.

Myself and Officer Mangum were on foot patrol in the north projects and were in front of 1634 Lockridge when above listed suspect drove down Lockridge and parked. The suspect got out and I asked her if she was aware that she had a headlight burned out. She said yes and I can’t afford one. I told her that Mississippi required two headlights and that she could be given a ticket for it. I then advised her that she needed to have it repaired. She said she could not afford to fix it and started to walk away.

I told her to stop, that I was not finished talking to her. She continued to walk toward her apartment, which was No. 2. The door was standing open. I told her again to stop. She did not. Myself and Officer Mangum followed her into her apartment where she turned and said you can’t come in here, you didn’t knock. I told her that I had said that I wanted to see her driver’s license. She told me that I was not going to talk down to her in front of her kids.

I told her that we were not going to play games. She then walked over and called 911 and was talking to the dispatcher. I told her to hang the telephone up, that the police officers that would be sent over were already there. I told her again she would either cooperate or that I would arrest her for disorderly conduct. She then started to argue with me again and was telling her children to stop crying.

I then started to attempt to handcuff her and told her she was under arrest for disorderly conduct and she started screaming and pulling away, swinging her arms around. She continued to fight with me and I called the dispatcher to send another officer to assist. I got the handcuffs on her and started to escort her outside and she continued to pull away and jerk around, still screaming and yelling. I walked her outside with her still trying to get away by jerking her arms and leaning away from me. I attempted to place her left hand into a wrist lock, but that only made her yell that much more louder. She continued to yell, saying that I was going to regret all of this. I walked her over to the back of the vehicle that she drove up in and advised the dispatcher of the license plate number. I then advised her of her Miranda warning and radioed the dispatcher to log it down. She continued to fall down with me telling her to stand up and walk.

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