The plants in Linda Orr’s garden are beginning to produce the

The plants in Linda Orr’s garden are beginning to produce the first of what could be dozens of juicy tomatoes.

In fact, Orr said many people have told her the tomato plants behind her Tupelo home are the best-looking ones they’ve seen in the county this year.

“They’re doing wonderful,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of people come by just to see them.”

Orr appreciates the comments about the plants and the visits from friends and family. To her, the garden is more than a place to raise vegetables it’s a tribute to her late husband.

Linda’s husband, Joe Orr, died on April 13 a week after suffering injuries in an accident. Joe Orr was an avid vegetable grower while Linda enjoyed growing flowers around their home.

“He loved flowers. He thought flowers were pretty, but also thought they were a waste of time because you couldn’t eat them,” she said. “He was more into edible gardening and I’m more into flowers.”

Linda said she thinks Joe planted the tomato plants around April 1. Following his death, she kept the growing plants upright with stakes and has watered them regularly.

However, Linda doesn’t want to take credit for how well the plants are growing.

“Some of the people say they’ve heard other people talk about how pretty they are,” she said. “Everybody has asked what did he do to them. I have no idea. He was a good gardener. It was his little secret, his own little special green thumb.”

Orr said the tomatoes may be ready for picking in two to three weeks. In the meantime, she’ll continue to watch them grow and think about her late husband’s accomplishment.

“I’m not sad,” she said. “It makes me proud when I see it.”

Graduation time

Graduation time has finally arrived for the seniors at the six public high schools in Lee County.

The first ceremony is Thursday night as Tupelo High School honors its graduates at the Tupelo Coliseum. Starting time is 8 p.m.

Seniors at Saltillo, Shannon, Mooreville, Baldwyn and Nettleton will accept their diplomas Friday night.

The Baldwyn ceremony starts at 6 p.m. while Nettleton’s graduation begins at 7 at their respective gymnasiums.

Ceremonies for Shannon, Mooreville and Saltillo will start at 7:30 p.m. Shannon and Saltillo graduation will be on the school’s football fields while Mooreville’s will be in its gymnasium.

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