The Ratliff RCDC met March 2, 2009 for the regular monthly meeting

Ratliff RCDC
The Ratliff RCDC met March 2, 2009 for the regular monthly meeting. John McFerrin, president, asked the blessing before members enjoyed the wonderful meal prepared by the ladies. As always, we had plenty of food and great fellowship. McFerrin then called the meeting to order.
He asked Elizabeth Hinds, reporter, to give her report. She said there were 21 members present at the February meeting. She also said we had a very good response to our soup luncheon in February. Then she read a couple of poems that everyone enjoyed.
McFerrin then asked Janet Hinds to give the secretary’s report. Janet agreed that we did have a good Sunday Soup Luncheon. This was our first fund raiser for 2009. We appreciate everyone helping with the fundraiser, those who came out to eat and the RCDC ladies who did the cooking. The fundraiser profit was $525.
John asked Amanda McFerrin for an update on ad sales for the Ratliff Homecoming Book. She said the sales are coming along very well. She told members that pictures are needed for the book.
John McFerrin said he would like to thank Rodney Lindsey and his son for carriage rides provided during the soup luncheon. He said that although the weather was cool, everyone enjoyed riding in the carriage.
McFerrin continued by saying members are still working with Shae Collum on getting community storm shelters. Collum said he has turned the bids in to the supervisors. He said we should be hearing from them soon.
McFerrin reminded everyone that next month, we would be getting the Ratliff May Fest committees together so that we can have everything ready for May Day.
Members set a a community work day for April 25 beginning at 9 a.m. McFerrin thanked everyone for attending the meeting and dismissed with prayer at 8:30 p.m.

Gaynell Jackson

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