The term “Seeing is Believing” can be a reality, especially if

The term “Seeing is Believing” can be a reality, especially if you see six Blue Angels with gold tipped wings fly over, salute the city and land on the tarmac of one of Tupelo’s airport.

It isn’t impossible, according to United States Navy recruiter, Petty Officer II Darrin Williams. Williams, the NCO/IC of the Navy recruiting office on West Main Street, said the Blue Angels extravaganza is the highlight of what is said to be the country’s second-most popular spectator sport-air shows. Williams spent four years as an aviation “all systems go” director for the high-tech precision flyers known throughout the world.

Williams is dedicated to bringing the F-18 Hornets to the place he now calls home. If he is successful no earlier than 1997 it will be the Blue Angels’ first demonstration for this part of the state.

Co-recruiter, Petty Officer II Paul Stevenson, has a great desire to see one of his ships, all with presidential names (he’s served on the USS Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and George Washington), to float around in the waters of our area. However, he knows the Tenn-Tom Waterway cannot accommodate a 65,000 ton U.S. aircraft carrier.

Williams, of Memphis, and Stevenson, of Popular Bluff, Mo., are highly-decorated “Full Speed Ahead” warriors.

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