Thief arrested in Itawamba County after eight-month chase

DORSEY — Deputies have arrested a Dorsey resident accused of stealing a set of rims more than eight months ago.

Jessie Dewan Esters, 22, of 853 New Temple Road, was arrested on Aug. 7 and charged with two counts grand larceny.

According to Itawamba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson, Esters’ arrest brings to a close eight months’ worth of investigation.

Esters stands accused of stealing a set of $2,000 rims from an Itawamba Agricultural High School student’s vehicle last December, during which time the victim was attending a football game.

According to Dickinson, the victim later spotted the missing rims on another vehicle in the Verona area. Deputies contacted the owner of this vehicle, kickstarting a chain of contacts that eventually named Esters as the perpetrator. A warrant for his arrest was issued in June, but the suspect was able to elude capture by law enforcement until last week.

“He had been on the run from us for the last three months,” Dickinson said. “We knew who did it, but it took that long to catch him.”

Law enforcement was led to Esters’ location via an anonymous Crimestoppers tip. According to Dickinson, 10 minutes after Esters’ name appeared on the Northeast Mississippi Crimestoppers network, a call came in with his location.

The suspect allegedly led deputies to the location of the stolen rims, which were returned to their rightful owner, Dickinson said.

The sheriff said the suspect has also been charged in connection with the theft of a 1968 Chevy Camaro from Highway 178 in Dorsey last year. Dickinson said deputies discovered the engine of the stolen vehicle in a storage facility rented by the suspect, but the rest of the vehicle had unfortunately been sold for parts.

Esters is currently free on bond, which was set at $10,000 by Justice Court Judge Gerald Wallace during an initial court appearance. The suspect is currently awaiting his appearance before the Itawamba County Grand Jury.

Dickinson claimed pride in his deputies who killed two birds with one stone.

“We’ve solved two crimes that have been going on for eight months,” Dickinson said. “We’re very pleased. It’s diligence … I’ve always believed if you work hard enough and long enough, it’ll come around. Sometimes you just have to wait and watch.”

He smiled and added, “I wish we could solve every crime as soon as it occurs, but sometimes it just takes time.”

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