This is the eighth in a series of stories on United Way of Grea

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This is the eighth in a series of stories on United Way of Greater Lee County agencies.

United Way Agency: Faith Haven, Inc.

Year organized: 1977, United Way agency since 1977.

People served: Serves all children who are in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Human Services who have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

Annual budget: $231,600.

United Way contribution: $33,000.

Director: Loraine Wesson.

Purpose: “Faith Haven is an emergency shelter for abused, abandoned or neglected children. The home opened in May 1977 and is located in Lee County. Faith Haven provides complete care in a foster shelter setting for children who need to be temporarily placed in time of crisis.

“Faith Haven is licensed to care for eight children, ages birth to 18, at one time with a maximum stay of 45 days. Although the number of children being served at one time may seem small, it should be realized that there is a constant turnover of children in need of emergency help. Children are received in Faith Haven anytime of the day and night as necessity arises.

“While placed a Faith Haven, the physical needs of the children are met through proper food, clothing and needed medical treatment. Emotional needs are supported through the giving of needed love, guidance and counseling.”

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