TIM WILDMON: Imagine living in Liberalville, where life is doomed

I was talking recently with a gentleman visiting our area from Idaho. He was telling me that Idaho had always been a conservative state but that liberals from California were moving in by the thousands each year. “Why are these liberals leaving the Golden State and moving to the Potato State?” I asked him.
“To escape California liberalism,” he said. “Talk about your irony of ironies.”
If you have been following the news the last year or so you know that California is falling apart. It’s bankrupt. Broke. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says his state is “headed towards a financial Armageddon.”
California is controlled by big government and liberal politicians who don’t know how to control spending. It has also allowed massive illegal immigration – millions and millions of people – over the last 20 years, and the state government has paid for their health care, education for their children, and the incarceration of those who have broken the law.
That is not only the fault of the federal government for not controlling the border with Mexico, but it is the fault of California for giving incentives for these poor people to move there. Who, being poor, would not want to move to a country – a state – that took care of you and your family with education and health care once you made it over?
But this brings me to a larger issue and that is: Liberalism does not work as a practical means of governing a free people. It cannot sustain itself. In order for liberalism to sustain itself, it must leech conservatism.
My lovely and talented wife Alison says we could just end all the cultural and political fighting in America by dividing the country in half. I told her we already tried that once, and it did not work. But we could end the “civil war of values” if we let liberals have one side and conservatives have the other.
In Liberalville you would have abortion on demand through the full nine months of pregnancy, with the government paying for all abortions. In Conservativeland you would have no abortions.
In Liberalville you would have open borders. There would be no such thing as an “illegal” immigrant, because, again, you have no laws against crossing the border and coming into the country. Borders represent bigotry and intolerance.
In Conservativeland you would have strict border control with fences to deter and prevent people trying to cross over illegally in the first place. The only aid illegal aliens would receive would be food and shelter in a holding center until they could be deported within a week.
In Liberalville the government would pay $500 a month to the mother for each child she had out of wedlock. (This is what we once did, before the Welfare Reform Act of 1996.)
In Conservativeland the government would give you $500 for one child for one year for any child born out of wedlock. After that, you would be responsible for your own irresponsibility.
In Liberalville you would bring all captured terrorists (assuming liberals even had a military) to be tried in courtrooms and provide them with lawyers paid for with government dollars.
In Conservativeland you would either hold captured terrorists in Guantanamo Bay indefinitely, or we would execute them.
In Liberalville you would end the war on drugs by making all drugs legal and easy to obtain and have government funded treatment facilities free for all.
In Conservativeland you would not have a major drug problem because there would be little or no demand for illegal drugs.
In Liberalville you would continue with allowing drunk drivers to get off with minor penalties.
In Conservativeland first time drunk drivers would be imprisoned for one year without parole. There would be no second time offenders.
In Liberalville you would celebrate a Godless “Winter break,” with nothing related to the Christian faith. No need for Saint Nick, because “Saint” is a Christian term. No need for any Christmas songs because there would be no celebration of Christianity.
In Conservativeland we would call it “Christmas break,” and we would openly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and honor the great influence of Christianity on our culture.
In Liberalville we would allow homosexuals or anybody to marry anyone. Since we would not want to judge anyone’s love for others, we would also allow for incestuous marriage and polygamy.
In Conservativeland marriage would only be allowed between one man and one woman.
I could go into great detail on each of the above, because I know I have oversimplified some of the issues. But liberalism cannot sustain itself financially. There is not enough money to pay for everything liberal politicians promise those who will vote for them. And the societal consequences of liberalism will kill a free people. Just look at California.
Tim Wildmon is a community columnist who resides in Baldwyn. Contact him at twildmon@afa.net.


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