Time for the fighting to stop

By Carlie Kollath Wells/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – The country would be a lot better off if elected officials would support President Barack Obama instead of fighting him, according to customers at McKinney’s Hair Fashion in Tupelo.
“Really, where we’re having a lot of problems is the local representatives and senators aren’t working with the president to get some things here to benefit us,” said Toy McKinney, owner of McKinney’s. “Instead of working with the president, they are working against him. I don’t understand.”
Added customer Donnie Bogan, “Times are hard. It don’t matter what party you are in. You just need to work together and make it better. They need to do what we sent them to do.”
McKinney cited the health care bill as an example. He has diabetes and said his insurance company of 40 years canceled his coverage when he got sick and had to go to the hospital in 2003.
“I’m still paying on that hospital bill and trying to keep my business running,” he said over the sound of buzzing electric clippers.
Other customers in his shop expressed frustration with the lack of visibility of their elected officials. They feel they are being ignored while donors or rich voters have the ears of the politicians.
But they said they’ll make their voices heard this November at the polls.
“I do think President Obama has done a good job getting things better,” McKinney said. “It took us eight years to get into this mess. You can’t expect him to get us out overnight. He needs more time. You can see things are getting better.”

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