Tippah considers CodeRED

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal

RIPLEY – A countywide emergency alert system – CodeRED – is being offered to all counties served by the Northeast Mississippi Planning and Development District.
CodeRED is a notification system that enables local government officials to send voice, email or text messages for severe weather alerts and other emergencies to thousands of residents who sign up to receive them.
Each county in the district, Alcorn, Benton, Marshall, Prentiss, Tippah and Tishomingo, would pay $11,028 per year if at least four of the six counties sign up, according to Tippah County District 5 Supervisor and board president Eddie Stroupe.
All five Tippah County municipalities have shown interest as well, and they would be asked to pay 50 cents per resident, totaling a few hundred dollars in most cases. Tippah Electric also has indicated interest, he said, and the association would pay $1,500 per year.
The range of services that CodeRED offers would allow any agency that participates to send messages to specific groups of people who are registered.
For instance, if there is a reason to divert traffic on a county road because of a bridge closure, a hazardous spill, a downed tree or some such issue, residents in affected areas could be sent an alert by phone or the Internet.

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