Tippah residents ask for work on poor road

By Lena Mitchell
Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

RIPLEY – Several residents who live on Tippah C.R. 802 want to know what supervisors can do to relieve their predicament with dirt roads that become impassable when it rains.

Four individuals who attended Friday's Board of Supervisors meeting asked 3rd District Supervisor Ronnie Dunnam for help in getting the road serviced so that they can get in and out without getting stuck in mud.

Mary Joyce Rucker acted as spokeswoman for the group, saying the road had been in poor condition for 10 to 12 years, and after a rain there's nothing but standing water, which creates mud holes where cars frequently get stuck.

Work to clear out roadside ditches for the first time in four to five years created more problems when material was left on the roadway.

“I got a flat tire driving over some of the stuff,” Rucker said.

Since the county went to a unit system almost two years ago county road manager Larry Jackson has supervised road work, and Dunnam said he would talk with Jackson about the problem.

Jackson said he will drive out to take a look at the road – which lies in the southwest portion of the county out from Blue Mountain and near the Union County line – to see what work needs to be done.

“They had called me to ask when we would get around to paving the road, but it's in such a remote area that is not used by many Tippah County residents, that it is way down on the list to consider paving,” Jackson said.

However, there is a standard that must be maintained for unpaved roads as well, and Jackson said he will make sure the road is brought up to that standard.

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