Tobacco raids update: Burke set to plead guilty in federal court

TUPELO – Jerry G. Burke of Tupelo is scheduled to plead guilty Nov. 24, perhaps to federal charges related to Lee County raids on blackmarket cigarette operations.

New documents filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern Mississippi show notice of Burke’s hearing before Judge W. Allen Pepper in Greenville.

The notice states that during the proceeding he will waive indictment and plead guilty to an “information,” which is a criminal charge that doesn’t come through a grand jury, as an indictment does.

Earlier court documents related to the raids and Mississippi Secretary of State records show Burke is the former owner of a warehouse at 120 N. Front St., where federal agents allegedly discovered thousands of non-taxed cigarettes in late May.

Globe Wholesale Inc., formerly owned by Burke, is the registered owner of a 1982 Beech aircraft seized by the government as part of the alleged cigarette conspiracy.

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Patsy Brumfield/Daily Journal

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