Tornado Photos – Hammer’s and Steak Escape

tornado 2 tornado

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  • sundshine

    I am so sad for Tupelo!!! We are praying for you in North Dakota.

  • james

    would be nice if they would mention what roads are open? I work in tupelo and I don’t know how to get to my job now.

    • TBona

      Chill out James, you see right now it’s not all about you. There are people hurt and homeless, but poor James seems to have forgotten there is more then 1 rd in Tupelo, and Darn Tupelo, what were they thinking, actually putting buildings up next to each other and calling it a city! Should have spread it out 1 mile between each building, and called it ‘Jamesville’, yeah,…that would be super, Jackass.

      • james

        yea I guess it’s no different than what japan built a nuclear power plant ON THE OCEAN. knowing that if a tsunami came, it would be ok and come thru with no meltdowns. Shelton wants to get rid of the ugly buildings to make way for some multimillion dollar businesses run by his sleazebag buddies and now he got his wish.

  • james

    what does tupelo expect when all businesses are allowed to build in one small area. of course they’res going to be major damage. maybe now those idiots running tupelo will rethink in letting every stinking business build near the mall, instead of spreading them out around the city.

  • RabbleRabbleRabbleMe

    James, dude, from your posts so far, all I can get out of this whole deal is, you’re an idiot.

    Seriously, in the future you might want to consider refraining from posting on public comment boards.