Toyota Mississippi update on jobs, production … and colors

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi in Blue Springs now employs 1,950 workers, nearly matching the promised number of jobs.

At the line-off ceremony in November, when Toyota officially rolled out its first Mississippi-produced Corolla sedan, the plant employed about 1,700. The automaker had said it intended to employ 2,000 by spring as it ramped up production. Looks like they’re nearly there.

We also learned that the plant has its two shifts working together, but starting Monday, they’ll start staggering the shifts. By February, the two shifts will be completely separate.

David Copenhaver, the vice president of administration for TMMMS, said the plant is now producing about 100 cars a day. At full capacity, the plant will build about 600 a day between the two shifts.

And while black was the first color available on the Corollas being built initially at TMMMS, they’re now also being built in red, blue, silver and white. Beige and light blue are on their way, Copenhaver added.

Read more in Thursday’s NEMS Daily Journal.

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