Trial date set for Neilson’s undecided counts

ABERDEEN – Oxford FBI agent Hal Neilson may go back on trial in January, U.S. District Court records show.
Monday, Judge Sharion Aycock set Jan. 18 to retry him on three counts that a 12-member jury could not unanimously agree across 13 hours last week.
The jury found him not guilty Saturday on two counts – accusations that he unlawfully was involved with reconciling a construction “punch list” on the 2109 University Ave. building, where the FBI is housed, and that he intentionally lied to a federal investigator.
Neilson, 49, was indicted Jan. 13 and went on trial Nov. 8 before Aycock in Aberdeen.
Christi R. McCoy of Oxford, one of his attorneys, said the U.S. Speedy Trial Act requires that a new court date be set.
“But we hope the government will elect not to retry this case,” she said late Monday.
On the stand, Neilson insisted that while he made numerous mistakes on reporting forms and in seven-year-old recollections, he did not intentionally try to conceal his one-third ownership in the building and a $50,000 check he received from the owning group, C&G Partnership LLC.
At the time the check was issued, Neilson had not signed the C&G membership agreement. He received the check through another company to which he was a member, ACM LLC, with C&G’s partners.
Prosecutors Rene Salomon and Richard Bourgeois were out of their Baton Rouge, La., offices until Nov. 29. Another official contact there could not be reached for comment.
The case was tried by attorneys from the Middle District of Louisiana because of conflicts of interest between the Northern District Office and Neilson.

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