Troops are ready to deploy

Staff Writer

An advanced party of 14 members of Amory’s 1st Battalion,198th Armor division will leave for Camp Shelby today, according to 1st Sergeant Teddy Hadaway.
The Amory group is a “headquarters unit” with people specialized in support service positions such as medics and cooks.
“Basically, for the most part, the guys are proud to be chosen,” the 42-year-old father and grandfather said. “We really appreciate the support the community has given.”
On Saturday morning, August 21, the main body consisting of about 70 men is expected to arrive at Camp Shelby. They will be at Camp Shelby until mid-November then will move to the National Training Center in California. After 30 to 45 days, they will return to Camp Shelby to await orders to deploy. They have no idea and probably won’t until the last minute where they will be going after that, but it will likely be Iraq.
It is unknown how long the group will remain at their final deployed location, but it could be over a year, according to Hadaway.
For more information about how to support the troops and their families, contact Melissa Dodd with the Family Readiness Group.

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