Trudy Featherston letter 12.13

Kay Bain tribute

honored service

On Nov. 27, the residents, staff, family members and several community leaders from Prentiss County gathered at Longwood Community Living Center for a “Ms. Kay Bain Appreciation Night” to say a special thanks to Ms. Kay from the “Mornin’ Show,” for all the volunteer work she does, not only for our local nursing home, but also for so many other individuals of all ages in this area.

Ms. Kay, who is definitely a favorite with the Longwood residents, has touched numerous lives in this community. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help bring a little joy and happiness to the lives of the many individuals she encounters daily. Throughout the years she has traveled from town to town, volunteering her talent and time to brighten the lives of so many shut-ins.

Even though she is an extremely busy lady, she always takes time to give hugs to those around, pose for a picture, pass along an encouraging word, listen to the problems of others, generously share the sincere love and care she has for everyone, and the list goes on and on.

Sheriff Randy Tolar, Mayor Wayne Michael, Chief of Police Larry Brinkley, and Aldermen Bobby Goddard, David West, Harold Eaton, Groves Shinault and Billy Whisenant were some of the community leaders who attended this special event to personally thank Ms. Kay and let her know she is dearly loved in Prentiss County.

Sheriff Tolar and Chief of Police Brinkley both spoke in behalf of the Prentiss County Sheriff’s Department and the Booneville Police Department to let Ms. Kay know she is appreciated by the local law enforcement.

Judy George, community volunteer, spoke of how Ms. Kay is her inspiration. She said when she lost her husband, Will George, she knew she could make it because she had seen Ms. Kay survive and keep going after Buddy’s death.

Bobby Goddard wrote a beautiful poem in honor of Ms. Kay and presented her with a signed, original copy of his poem titled “Do Angels Have Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair?”

Things were very sentimental when Mayor Wayne Michael, who has known Ms. Kay for several years, presented Ms. Kay with a Key to the City of Booneville. Mayor Michael and Ms. Kay also spoke of the close friendship shared by both their families.

Many of the residents, staff, family members and friends and acquaintances who were in attendance on this special night lined up to hug Ms. Kay and tell her what she has meant to them throughout the years.

Ms. Kay’s talent, beautiful smile and personality has graced many benefits for so many people in need, often even when she was sick and extremely tired; but through it all, she kept going because of her unique love and dedication to others.

In a world where there are so many discouraged people, Ms. Kay Bain is a ray of light and hope. From everyone at Longwood Community Living Center and those from Prentiss County, we’d like to say we have been very blessed to have made the acquaintance of such a very special lady. Ms. Kay, we love you and because of you, numerous lives have been touched and improved.

Trudy Featherston


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