Truly Tupelo

By NEMS Daily Journal

The Tupelo Spirit
– The Tupelo Spirit isn’t a phantom haunting City Hall but the collective will of the community to work together for the betterment of its people.
That spirit can be traced back to the 1936 tornado when residents joined together to rebuild the city after the killer storm.
Visionary business and civic leaders kept the spirit alive through the years by collaborating – not competing – on projects to improve the entire community. Among them was former Daily Journal Publisher George McLean.
McLean helped lift the area from poverty by persuading business owners to help purchase dairy cows. The cows were bred into top milk producers and Tupelo soon became nationally known for its dairy industry.
The spirit continues today through the efforts of the Community Development Foundation, which recently lured Toyota to the region.
At the core of the Tupelo spirit is the belief that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

This is the final installment of Truly Tupelo, which has appeared every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday since mid-January as part of the 140th anniversary of both the city and the Daily Journal. Now on sale: the new “Truly Tupelo” book, at the Journal office on South Green Street.

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