Truman takes Best in Show

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

VERONA – Truman, the 4-year-old German wire-haired pointer, won best in show at the Tupelo Kennel Club Dog Show on Saturday.
The victory at the Lee County Agri-Center was nothing new for Truman, who has won more than five Best in Show awards, but it was the first time his trainer, Jay Kim, has received the honor in the United States.
Kim, a Best in Show winner in South Korea, spent two hours on Truman’s coat Friday and 30 minutes before the showing. Kim’s training partner, Frank Murphy, showed Truman in the Best in Breed showing before Kim took over.
“He’s named Truman after President Truman because the buck stops here,” Murphy said.
The training duo out of Anderson, S.C., has been showing Truman for two years, but they have many more years of experience. Kim has been training and showing dogs for 11 years and Murphy for 15.
Murphy said Truman has an acre paddock to run on every day and jogs on a treadmill for 20 minutes every night so he will look fit.
He said they also have to train him to act a certain way for the judges.
“He has to behave well but look like he’s enjoying himself,” Murphy said.
The dogs compete with others from their breed throughout the day and then the best of each breed competes in its class.
Each breed is categorized into one of seven classes: hound, non-sporting, sporting, toy, terrier, working and herding.
The dog that best represents its breed in each class is then chosen to compete for best in show.
The dogs are judged according to how closely they match the American Kennel Club’s definition of their breed.
The Tupelo Kennel Club Dog Show continues today with hundreds of dogs participating from throughout the country. The show starts at 9 a.m. at the Lee County Agri-Center with a best in show at 4 p.m. The shows are open to the public.

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