Tupelo actress stars in episode of ‘A Haunting’

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – When actress Amye Gousset acts scared in her episode of “A Haunting” on Friday, there won’t be much acting going on.
Turns out, the Tupelo actress has a strong fear of spirits, spooks, the supernatural.
“I’ve been in a lot of scary stuff, but I can’t watch it. I really get scared,” she said.
Gousset’s latest big role is in the documentary show “A Haunting,” which chronicles real life hauntings and airs on Destination America. In her episode, “The Uninvited,” Gousset stars as Lynn Ryder, a bar owner who encounters ghostly activity.
“Shortly after moving into the bar, she starts noticing some spirit-type stuff that was going on, and it focused on her a little bit more than her husband or any co-workers,” she said.
The show features the real-life Lynn Ryder narrating her story, while Gousset portrays her. She filmed her part of the show over the summer in Virginia, and Gousset said even the set was creepy.
“When you watch the show, you’ll see the set was dark and it was eerie and we were down in basements and in real situations,” she said. “After those days shooting, I’d go back to the hotel room and slept with the bathroom light on. It was eerie, but it was fun.”
Gousset came down with a stomach bug during her week-long filming.
“I pushed through with (the producers’) help. It was unreal how they made sure I was taken care of, and made sure I felt like being there,” she said.
This isn’t Gousset’s first major role; she’s had parts in “The Help” and “Army Wives.” She’s also starred in locally produced films, like Glenn Payne’s horror movie “Zion.”
She just acted in a student film at Ole Miss and has more in the works that she can’t talk about just yet.
“I’ve got a horizon to look forward to,” she said.

On the Small Screen
CHECK OUT AMYE GOUSSET in “A Haunting,” which will air at 9 p.m. Friday on Destination America.

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