Tupelo annexation plan upheld by state supreme court

By NEMS Daily Journal

JACKSON – Tupelo’s plan to expand its borders jumped a final hurdle today when the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld a chancellor’s earlier approval.
The 16 square mile annexation will add approximately 2,500 residents to the city.
Special Chancellor Edward Prisock approved the city’s annexation plan Dec. 17, 2010, but the decision was appealed by Lee County, the Belden Fire Protection District, the Palmetto-Old Union Fire Protection District, the Unity Fire Protection District and the City of Saltillo.
Writing for the majority, Justice Randy Pierce said the state’s high court agreed with Prisock.
Among various appeal issues was an argument by the fire districts that annexation would have a negative impact on them.
“Here, no evidence was presented to the chancery court demonstrating that Tupelo’s 1989 annexation had any negative impact upon the fire-protection districts then affected thereby, or on the residents then inside or outside the areas annexed,” Pierce wrote.
“Because the chancery court’s findings were based on substantial, credible evidence, were not manifestly wrong, and were well within the chancery court’s discretion, and because the chancery court did not employ an erroneous legal standard, we affirm the decision of the Chancery Court of Lee County,” the 8-0 decision concluded.
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