Tupelo company testing equipment during Isaac

Tupelo-based Hyperion Technology is testing new equipment during Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac.

Here’s a press release from the company:

In anticipation that Tropical Storm Isaac will develop into a hurricane over the next several days, Tupelo-based Hyperion Technology Group is deploying newly developed sensors in the path of the storm should it make landfall along the Gulf Coast.

The new technology called “eyeSpy” is designed to monitor water surge level data and wind speed data along with photo images of the storm as it is occurring. The system transmits all the data back to authorities and a central monitoring station via the cellular network or will automatically switch to satellite mode to ensure continuous communications should the cell phone network fail during the storm.

Hyperion will deploy several two-man teams in order to best target the landfall location of the storm with hopes of accurately targeting the area northeast of the eye of the hurricane where the storm-surge and winds are the most severe.

“We are very excited about this technology,” said Hyperion President Geoff Carter, “The purpose is two-fold: first, it allows authorities to assess the damage and begin planning rescue and recovery efforts before they are able to get back into the damaged areas, and second, it will maintain an accurate record of how the damage did occur in order to assist municipalities, businesses, homeowners, and insurance companies resolve insurance claims more quickly and accurately.”

Hyperion intends to have several engineers on the road and heading toward the coast in the early hours of Monday morning led by severe-storm expert Tim Samaras.

“We are very proud to have a world-class researcher such as Tim on our team,” said Carter, “He brings expertise that is second to none especially with the development of sensors that are to survive in such harsh conditions.”

Samaras is featured in this month’s National Geographic Magazine for his groundbreaking research with high-altitude lightning.

Hyperion Technology Group is a Mississippi corporation based in Tupelo that specializes in technology development for military, research and corporate customers.

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