Tupelo council balks at code

Tupelo StockBy Robbie Ward
Daily Journal

TUPELO – Once again, the Tupelo City Council decided to pass on approving the city’s updated development code.

Like during the previous council meeting in August, the group of city policymakers decided to put off voting on the development code after council president Nettie Davis previously said a vote would take place.

On Tuesday, Davis said the group agreed to postpone discussion on the documents intended to cut through local red tape related to commercial and residential developments until after a housing summit scheduled for Thursday.

Mayor Jason Shelton has invited builders, developers, real estate agents and others associated with residential housing in the city to comment on the updated development code and give suggestions on how the city can help encourage more affordable housing.

“I want their input to fulfill my campaign promise of making it easier to build more affordable housing in Tupelo,” Shelton said.

Ward 3 Councilman Jim Newell requested the updated development code be dropped from discussion Tuesday for another reason. If the code is approved in the current form, it will allow the company CarMax to proceed with plans to locate in the Barnes Crossing Overlay District, something he vehemently opposes.

Newell and three other council members blocked the company’s request to open a site in the Barnes Crossing commercial area.

Newell said he wants the company to consider a location along South Gloster Street.


  • DoubleTalk

    Here it is again. The “You Pay for It and we Will Tell You How to Own It” attitude.

  • DoubleTalk

    Here it is again. The “You Pay for It and we Will Tell You How to Own It” attitude.