Tupelo council doesn’t vote on airport request

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TUPELO – The Tupelo City Council did not vote Tuesday on a $1.2 million request from the Tupelo Airport Authority to upgrade the airport’s taxiway.

Tupelo Regional Airport Executive Director Josh Abramson asked the council on Monday to add the request to the meeting’s agenda. However, Mayor Jason Shelton said it wasn’t added to the agenda since a formal request wasn’t made.

However, the Tupelo Regional Airport gave a letter requesting the $1.2 million in early August and had a work session on it Sept. 30.

The request is supported by Universal Asset Management, a company that salvages and recycles aircraft at the airport. The company flies heavy aircraft onto the airport’s taxiway, which can’t sustain the weight.

The council had previously voted to spend a fraction of that amount on a small part of the taxiway but postponed the work after the airport authority and UAM leadership asked city officials to consider spending more money.

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