Tupelo gets a new promotional theme: ‘Center of Positivity’

Lauren Wood | Buy at photos.djournal.com Executive Director Neal McCoy talks about the new Tupelo logo and branding campaign unveiled Thursday evening at the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau office.

Lauren Wood | Buy at photos.djournal.com
Executive Director Neal McCoy talks about the new Tupelo logo and branding campaign unveiled Thursday evening at the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau office.

By Dennis Seid

Daily Journal

TUPELO – In an effort to invigorate what tourism officials said was a diluted and stale brand, the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau on Thursday introduced a new logo and a new theme – the “Center of Positivity.”

The logo features a lowercase “Tupelo” with a four-color “crown” symbolizing that the city is the birthplace of the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. The stylized “p” and “o” point upward to indicate the positive spirit that drives everything in Tupelo, said CVB Executive Director Neal McCoy.

“It’s an uplifting, positive message that we can all share,” he said.

A video shown before the logo unveiling highlighted some of the “positive” accomplishments of the city through the years, including it becoming the first TVA city, its success at dairy production, its ascension as a furniture manufacturing hub and its recruitment of Toyota.

It also poked fun at being stopped by a train and turning it into “a good reason to be late.”

“You can share this happy optimism… and become a Center of Positivity,” the video proclaimed.

Cubic Creative of Tulsa, Okla., developed the new branding, which will be used extensively, but not exclusively, by the CVB.

McCoy said any city department or entity can use the logo as well, provided it follows certain brand standards set by the CVB.

Cubic worked six months to develop the branding campaign, at a cost of $75,000. The branding will extend to the CVB’s digital efforts, along with other traditional mediums like print and television.

“This is something we hope to have a shelf-life of seven to 10 years,” McCoy said.

And the “Center of Positivity” isn’t the slogan or tagline that will be used; rather, it’s the theme of the entire branding effort, McCoy said.

“We’ll have different taglines – including ‘Anything is possible’ – depending on what it is,” he said.

Kylie Boring, the CVB’s director of marketing, said the new logo and new theme set aside the various other images and ideas that had developed over the years.

“We wanted to be more colorful, consistent and cohesive,” she said.


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  • JAC

    This could be the most ridiculous theme I have ever seen. Why would this make anyone want to come to tupelo other than homosexuals with that nice little rainbow crown. How does being the “center of positivity” warrant any tourism or business queries? If Neil Mccoy keeps his job after blowing what I’m sure is tons of taxpayers cash on this DISASTER of branding, then heads above him need to roll. Here’s one for ya, how about tupelo being the “Mockery of Mississippi”, because with a ridiculous self title such as this, it will be what we become. So ignorant, just absolutely ridiculous. …

  • Furious and Overtaxed

    That’s pretty lame. Is this what the extra 2% tax on restaurant food pays for??? If so, we need to get rid of that tax, because this is a ridiculous waste of money!

  • Vonda Tedford Keon

    As a Mississippi Commercial Artist, it is always a slap in the face when the local talent is overlooked and out of state agencies are used. If you are promoting a “Mississippi Product” then you should also use a “Mississippi Product instead of going out of state. There are many talented and national award winning Commercial Artists living and working in the Tupelo metro area that could have done a much better job of designing a logo and coming up with a slogan for the CVB and other agencies. I am sure this logo and article will be the topic of conversation among my esteemed artist colleagues working in the Tupelo area for weeks to come. “Center of Positivity”? I cannot even find that word in a dictionary. Mississippi is the home of some of the best artists and copywriters around. Mr. McCoy, I suggest you think about that next time you need art work and real “Positive Creativity”.

  • Darth Sedentary

    What happened to “Shop local?”

  • Lied-To

    I’m sure we can find a way to blame Jason Shelton for this one, too.

    • Saralynn

      I doubt it. The CVB seems to operate without any leadership from the mayor or city council. They just do their own thing and apparently don’t answer to anybody. How else could the city be struggling to pay for street repairs while CVB throws $75,000 at this kind of stuff.

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