Tupelo High School students who are interested in attending su

Tupelo High School students who are interested in attending summer school but are concerned about the cost of sessions can apply for a tuition grant. Applications, which must be completed and returned by May 29, are available in the guidance office.

There are a total of 28 grants available, with some providing assistance for one semester and others paying for the entire year. Recipients are required to pay only $25 for the classes.

Priority will be given to students who are repeating a class. Financial need and student motivation will also be considered. The grants are funded by the Association for Exellence in Education, an organization designed to provide private funding for Tupelo Public Schools.

Pre-registration for Tupelo High School students who plan to attend summer school will be Monday through Friday in the school’s guidance office. A $65 depositi is required to secure a spot in a class. The remaining balance is due by June 4.

For THS students, the fee is $125 per semester credit. To receive a year’s credit, students must pay $250. For out-of-district students, the fee is $175 per semester or $350 for a class that would normally last one year.

Registration for out-of-district students is set for May 31, June 3 and June 4. The total amount of tuition is due at the time of registration for out-of-district students, who are required to have a letter of permission from their principal before they will be allowed to register.

Courses set to be offered include: all levels of high school English, keyboarding, Algebra I and II, geometry, drivers’ education, introduction to theatre, U.S. government, U.S. History and biology.

Summer school is divided into two 19-day terms, with the first term beginning June 4 and continuing through June 28. The second term is set for July 8 through August 1.

For more information, call Tupelo High at 841-8970.

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