Tupelo kids cheer for Armstrong


Daily Journal

TUPELO – While bike racing may not be the most popular spectator sport in Northeast Mississippi, some local young people will be watching to see Lance Armstrong's finish.

Armstrong is planning to roll into victory in Paris on Sunday as the first six-time champion of the Tour de France.

“I think Lance is going to win,” said Zach Lamb, 13, who was roller-blading in the Tupelo Skate Park on Saturday morning. “If he takes a break next year, he'll come back even better,” Lamb added.

Armstrong's U.S. Postal Service team
spokesman said the five-time champ may not participate in next year's Tour de France in
order to focus on other races, according to Sports Illustrated. Armstrong will be changing to the Discovery Channel as his team sponsor.

The 32-year-old biker's first Tour win came in 1999, after recovering from cancer.

Micah Milne, 5, is the youngest member of a Tupelo biking family who has been following the Tour de France since its start on July 3.

“I could ride in it,” Micah said. “It's only for boys.” Micah has already picked out his future birthday present: a biking jersey like Lance Armstrong's.

Micah's older sister Caitlin said the hardest part of the Tour de France is probably the sprint. She says she'd like to go to France and see the race's finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

The 101-year-old race has also attracted well-known spectators this year, such as Robin Williams, Sheryl Crow and Prince Albert of Monaco.

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