Tupelo-Lee County Humane Society director leaves

Adam Robison | Daily Journal Debbie Hood served as executive director of the Tupelo-Lee County Humane Society for six years.

Adam Robison | Daily Journal
Debbie Hood served as executive director of the Tupelo-Lee County Humane Society for six years.

By Robbie Ward

Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Tupelo-Lee County Humane Society’s executive director for six years is no longer with the organization.

Moe Bristow, president of the organization’s board of directors, said today that the board and previous executive director Debbie Hood made a “mutual decision” for her to leave the position.

“We just decided to take it in a new direction,” Bristow said. “Debbie worked hard in the last six years.”

Bristow said the new executive director will focus more on fundraising but also look at the “big picture.”

While operating the animal shelter on South Gloster Street, the Tupelo-Lee County Humane Society has a goal of opening a larger, improved facility on donated property along Cliff Gookin Boulevard.

With about $620,000 raised for the new facility, the organization has estimated at costs for construction, land and other expenses at $4 million.

Board member Summer Knight will serve as interim executive director.


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  • Scarlet Hellbomb

    Summer Knight would be the perfect replacement for this job. I have grown up with her and her love for animals. This woman truley cares about every animal that comes into that shelter. I have seen her go without to provide for an animal in need. She is a true animal advocate. Good Choice.

    • Americasgone

      Lots of people love animals but that doesn’t make them qualified to run the shelter. Apparently you have to love fundraising too.

      • Scarlet Hellbomb

        Summer Knight is the ONLY board member who organizes fund raisers and is HANDS ON in that shelter. Guess they found the right woman.

        • Guest Person

          I guess if she is the only board member to orgainize fundraisers then that sums up the issue with raisng money and direction for the Shelter.
          Sounds like they need a new board that can bring money in.

        • Americasgone

          You do realize she is only gonna hold the position temporarily until they can find a real replacement?

  • Americasgone

    Lots of vague BS in this article.

  • barney fife

    The board apparently wants a director who is less hands-on & more in the public eye. An individual capable of seeing the ‘big picture’ – however that is defined in the minds of the Humane Society.

  • Guest Person

    It is near impossible to run that shelter day to day and raise funds at the same time then raise more funds for a new shelter – a Director soon finds they have more than they can handle – thinking long term / big picture is easier said than done.. Add to the mix some highly emotional and demanding members who relate better to animals than they do people and you have a first class mess on top of a fund raisng challenge.

    Running that Shelter is a hard and thank less job giving up evenings and holidays for the care of those animals. Members need to think about that above politics.

    I wish the Shelter well in their goals.

  • guest

    I would like to know what really happened here. I’ve seen the shelter before Debbie came in and the changes in the way the animals are CARED for and the increase in adoptions. If she was doing her job in caring for the animals this makes me sad. Good luck finding someone to work hands on and be great at fundraising. I hope the shelter continues to be a place I can support.