Tupelo man charged with exposing HIV again

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner

By J.B. Clark/Daily Journal

TUPELO – A Tupelo man is charged with knowingly exposing a juvenile to HIV just three months after he said he was released from prison where he served three years for similar charges.
Robert Gardner, 29, of Tupelo, was charged Tuesday with sexual battery and knowingly exposing a juvenile to HIV after it was reported to Saltillo police that Gardner engaged in sexual acts with a 15-year-old girl.

His bond was set at $1 million in Lee County Justice Court on Wednesday morning.

Gardner was charged in February 2010 with having unprotected sex with at least two women while knowing he is HIV positive.

He said, in Lee County Justice Court on Wednesday, that he was released from prison on May 2.

Saltillo Police Chief Grant Bailey said they began their investigation after receiving a complaint about Gardner and his involvement with a girl under the age of 16 last week.

Gardner was picked up by the Mississippi Department of Corrections for violating post-release probation and then later served with an arrest warrant from the Saltillo Police Department while in the Lee County Adult Jail.

Bailey said police have talked with possible additional complainants and expect more charges in the future. He said there also may be additional arrests.


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  • Dan DaMann

    he’s knowingly exposing others to a virus that will very likely kill them slowly and painfully. put his sorry ass to death!

    • FrereJocques

      Agreed! Or at least put him away for life. Actually, he’s a waste of good breathing air. I’d say the death penalty. I don’t see that as outside the realm of possibility. He did knowingly attempt to kill someone.

      • TWBDB

        Yeah, his sorry ass needs to be punished in a major way. Then someone needs to let him know that his chances of living a long, even very healthy life, are quite good – if his photo is any indication he is not suffering from AIDS. Perhaps realizing this, when he gets out again, and he will, he will think twice about exposing someone else.

        The victim definitely needs to realize this is not a death sentence. There are so many people these days who not only survive exposure to HIV but never develop AIDS and some who end up with non-detectable levels of the virus. Absolutely no excuse and extreme caution is in order : but then there’s no reason to let this victim believe their life is over. It most definitely is not and the chances she can even bear children later on are quite promising

      • barney fife

        Don’t bother with the expense & hassle of a death penalty trial.
        Just take his medications away from him while he serves another prison sentence.

  • mike ashby

    What a piece of [expletive deleted]!

  • t Jennings

    The sad thing is I personally know 2 of his victims that tested positive & they are spreading this without warning others they have it. The police need to investigate them also! I understand it’s sad that they caught it from this sob, but it doesn’t mean they should do it to others!

    • msgemini

      If this is true and you don’t report them to the police or DHS, then YOU are helping to keep the spread of HIV going in our community. What you are do should and could be considered accessory to murder.

  • Stephanie

    He should NOT even be offered bail. Obviously he doesn’t know how to learn a lesson or feel remorse. He should be charged with murder….period!