Tupelo offers help for future homebuyers

TUPELO – A new city program is looking for wannabe homeowners who need help with credit or other obstacles preventing them from purchasing property.
The Home Buyers Club will work with residents on a host of issues to prepare them for what’s typically the largest investments one can make.
“It will help them work through those issues that have kept them from being able to qualify for a mortgage,” said Tupelo Neighborhood Development Coordinator Peggy Woods. “We’re offering financial literacy classes, credit counseling classes, homebuyer’s classes.”
Woods is accepting applicants at her office inside the city’s Development Services Department.
Participants also will learn about the numerous grants Tupelo offers to qualifying first-time homebuyers. The city has five downpayment assistance grants of $7,000 for first-time buyers inside the city limits.
It also has 12 grants of $35,000 each for qualifying residents who want to build a new home on a lot owned by the Neighborhood Development Corp.
And it offers $15,000 grants to first-time homebuyers who qualify through the Mississippi Development Authority.
It could have more money to give away soon. The city last month applied for a $250,000 HOME Grant that it will dole out in $12,500 checks to first-time homebuyers with low-to-moderate incomes.
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Learn more:
To register for the Home Buyers Club or to simply attend one of the city’s monthly Home Buyers classes – or to find out about one of the numerous grants for first-time homebuyers – contact Tupelo Neighborhood Development Coordinator Peggy Woods at (662) 841-6510.

Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

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