Tupelo pets disappearing

By Cain Madden/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – At least 11 cats and one puppy have reportedly gone missing in the Country Club Road area in north Tupelo since May.
Two of those cats belonged to Kathy Corban, one of which went missing last week.
“The cat was 18 (years old) and never left the driveway,” Corban said. “He was always around real close.”
At 4:45 a.m., she heard an animal make a distressed sound, and woke her husband.
“I asked him if he thought that was the cat,” Corban said. “We went outside, but couldn’t find him anywhere.”
The noise was enough to bring a neighbor out as well, and Corban learned that many of the neighborhood cats have gone missing, including four on Allyson Drive, and coyotes had been spotted in the area.
“I wish I had known,” Corban said. “If I had, I would have made more effort to make sure mine were in at night.”
Debbie Hood, Tupelo-Lee Humane Society’s executive director, said coyotes have been reported to the humane society, but there is not much they can do. TLHS is not permitted to trap coyotes.
“I know it is hard to keep cats indoors, but try to until the coyotes are gone,” Hood said.
Dale White, a wildlife control officer with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, could not be reached on Saturday for comment.

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