Tupelo police boost patrol in Haven Acres

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – An increase in home burglaries in Haven Acres over the past couple of weeks has caused police to beef up patrols and residents to up their awareness.
Tupelo Police Chief Tony Carleton said police will patrol the Haven Acres area 24 hours a day in an attempt to stop the burglaries. Haven Acres is located in the southern part of the city.
Burglaries continue to be a problem throughout the city, according to Carleton, and police are working around the clock.
“We’re going to increase patrols in Haven Acres just like we would in any area having crime problems,” he said. “The weather is warming up and more people are out, so there are going to be a few more crime problems. But we have a very good department and a good group of officers who are capable of dealing with them.”
Mattie Mabry is a member of the Haven Acres Neighborhood Association and a 35-year resident of the community. She said after having problems with burglaries last year, the activity had died down after police put pressure on the area. But she said over the past couple of weeks, several residents have come home to broken windows, kicked-in doors and missing valuables.
“We live in a good neighborhood but we’ve had a few problems lately with people breaking into homes, so we are going to have to team up with police to stop it,” said Mabry. “We slowed it down once and we’re prepared to do it again. We just have to ban together.”
Both Mabry and Carleton said community involvement is the best way to flush crime out of neighborhoods.
“We want people to call us,” said Carleton. “No matter how small you think something is, call us. If you see a suspicious car, call us. If you see a person who you aren’t used to seeing in your neighborhood, call us. Take down tag numbers and descriptions of people and vehicles. These are the things we need from the community in order to get the criminals off the streets.”

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