Tupelo Public School District adopts annual goals

Tupelo School District LogoBy Chris Kieffer

Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Tupelo Public School District adopted four goals for the current year during its Tuesday board meeting.

They include increasing student achievement across the district; providing a safe, secure and orderly environment in all schools; attracting and retaining all stakeholders and maintaining sound financial stability.

Superintendent Gearl Loden and the school board began working on the goals during the board’s annual retreat in June. A draft was presented at the August meeting, and it was tweaked based on input from board members and principals.

The district will develop a scorecard from these goals to assess its performance. The board will use them to evaluate Loden.

Each goal will be measured by specific data. Among the 23 measurable indicators:

• The District will be rated “B” and its Quality Distribution Index state ranking will increase.

• The graduation rate will increase.

• ACT scores will increase above the state’s average and core scores will be above the national average.

• The percentage of second-graders on grade level will improve.

• Tupelo High School will have National Merit Scholars, including semifinalists, recipients of commendation and National Achievement Scholars.

• A baseline safety and security assessment score will be established addressing the comprehensive needs of the district.

• Discipline referrals will be reduced across the district.

• Average daily attendance among teachers will be above the state average.

• A reserve of 15 percent of the state and local budgets will remain in the district’s fund balance.

Board members also discussed ways to better quantify the district’s discipline environment. Loden said the district will research nationally respected surveys it can provide to parents, students and teachers to measure school climate.


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