Tupelo renames some of its annexed streets

By Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Recently annexed Tupelo residents likely will get new addresses, and many will get new street names, as the city brings them into compliance with municipal and emergency regulations.
The City Council on Tuesday approved a list of 125 county roads that now belong to the city. Roughly 50 will be assigned new names that the council also approved this week.
Among them are County Road 1226, which becomes Warren Lane; County Road 653, renamed Mud Creek Road; and County Road 91, now Rebirth Lane.
“As a rule of thumb, named streets are in the city and numbered streets are in the county,” said Lee County E911 Director Paul Harkins, whose agency assisted city officials in selecting the new names.
They relied on nicknames already used for the roads, major property owners living there, or existing city streets that merge into the roads where the previous city limits ended.
When those options weren’t available, officials simply picked a name.
Property owners haven’t yet been notified of the changes, nor were they given an opportunity to weigh in on the new names.
“Frankly, we needed to get it done,” said City Planner Pat Falkner, adding that residents can petition for a different name if they’re dissatisfied.
It will take roughly eight weeks for Tupelo to order and install new street signs for all 125 roads. Even those keeping their original names will get new signs, said Public Works Department Director Sid Russell.
“Since they’re in the city, it’s a whole different set of rules we have to install them by,” he said. “Signs have to be bigger, they have to be taller.”
Lee County E911 now will determine which of the 1,245 annexed properties will need new address numbers. In general, the city uses a four-digit number scheme whereas the county uses three digits, Falkner said.
City and emergency agency officials want to make addresses as consistent as possible. But Harkins said not all changes will be financially or logistically possible.
No timeline has been set for house number changes.
Property owners eventually will be notified of their new address if a change takes place to either the house number or the street name.

Not too late
Residents of newly named roads can petition for a name change by calling the Tupelo Development Services Department at (662) 841-6510.

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