Tupelo residents come together for networking event

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Hundreds of people showed they care about Tupelo and its neighborhoods by showing up at Saturday’s Tupelo Neighborhood Connections meeting.
The event at the BancorpSouth Arena, created by the Mayor’s Neighborhood task force, showcased the city’s 15 neighborhood associations.
Rubye Del Harden, a member of the task force and event organizer, said what goes on in each neighborhood affects the city as a whole, and that it is important for everyone to work toward building a better Tupelo, starting with their own neighborhoods.
“Everything that happens here impacts all of us,” said Harden. “So the more good we can do in our own neighborhoods the better Tupelo will be. So supporting the neighborhood associations will have a positive impact on us all.”
Harden said neighborhood associations benefit the community by providing safety projects through neighborhood watches, cleanups, beatification projects and programs where they help neighbors in need.
Tupelo Mayor Jack Reed Jr. said he was happy to see the turnout and hoped this was the start to strengthening neighborhood associations.
James Collier and his wife Natasha have only lived in the Joyner area for less than a year, but said they never thought much about joining the Joyner Neighborhood Association. But after pressure and encouragement from neighbors, they decided to look into it.
“Tupelo is a good place to live and we love Joyner,” said James. “But we come from a town where our neighborhood wasn’t very active so we kind of fell into that way of thinking. But here everyone is involved and it’s rubbed off on us. To see so many people here who are concerned about where they live is unbelievable.”
Michael Boldin and other Haven Acres residents also showed a renewed interest in their association.
“We have a good neighborhood and I think strengthening our association will help to cut down on crime and build up the community as a whole,” said Boldin. “The city did a great job getting everyone in one room to talk about one cause, which is making Tupelo better.”

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