Tupelo school board revises field trip policy

By Michaela Gibson Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Tupelo school board has tweaked its field trip policies and will no longer require administrators on overnight field trips.
Instead, the school district will add an additional staff member and designate a supervisor for the school-sponsored trips.
Because of the growth of extracurricular activities and opportunities students have earned to participate in programs and competitions, it has become difficult to schedule administrators to accompany the trips, said Assistant Superintendent Diana Ezell, who presented the proposed changes to the board last week.
“An administrator was gone almost every day,” from the high school staff, Ezell said. Superintendent Gearl Loden told the board it was important to have those instructional leaders on campus.
The requirement for an administrator on overnight trips was adopted by the board in 2009.
Under the revised policy approved last week, the school principal instead will appoint an additional licensed staff member to accompany the teacher who has organized the trip.
The principal will designate a supervisor for the trip, depending on the experience levels of the teachers who will be on the trip.
The policy also includes adult-to-child ratios for all field trips based on the age of the students and the size of the group.

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