Tupelo School District Reading Fair

The Tupelo Public School District held its annual reading fair today at the Civic Auditorium. Below are the winners of each division:

A– 1st: Dillion Ruth Dorsett, Carver; 2nd: Dayla Wright, Thomas; 3rd: Carter Newsom, Parkway

B– 1st: Lindsay Hopkins, Thomas; 2nd: Lydia Wood, Joyner; 3rd: Lily Riddle, Parkway

C– 1st: Emerson Love, Parkway; 2nd: Evie Crawford, Thomas; 3rd: Turner Leathers, Joyner

D- 1st: Lauren Williamson, Lawhon; 2nd: Erin Ruth Waters, Pierce; 3rd: Reid Hardison, Rankin

E– 1st: Jolia Pongetti, Rankin; 2nd: Maddie West, Pierce; 3rd: Nygil Owens, Lawhon

F– 1st: Olivia Collier, TMS

H– 1st: Anna Calhoun, Milam; 2nd: Timothy Locastro, Pierce; 3rd: Taylor Johnson, Rankin

J– 1st: Gray Shettles and Meri Alan Wolfe, Joyner; 2nd: Campbell Kellett and Elizabeth Gaines, Rankin; 3rd: Pedro Aguilar, Bo Burroughs, Zoe Hendrick and Henry Loaeza, Carver

K– 1st: Olivia Gibens and Liza Lesley, Rankin; 2nd: Abbey Russell and Victoria Waller, Pierce; 3rd: Haley Barker, Sidney Bigham and Bella Sykes, Lawndale

M– 1st: Kathryn Meredith, Rankin; 2nd: Ruth Ann Seale, Joyner; 3rd: Andrew Miller, Thomas

N– 1st: Annaka Shumpert, Lawndale; 2nd: Zeta Mooney, Pierce; 3rd: Averei Mata, Rankin


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