Turner Industrial Park water tests clear

Turner Industrial Park water tests clear

SALTILLO – The most recent water tests from the Turner Industrial Park system came back clear Thursday from the state Department of Health lab.

Saltillo Mayor W.K. Webb said samples taken last week were reported neutral for the presence of total coliform bacteria, which was found in samples taken March 8.

Webb said he believed the presence of coliform bacteria was the result of an accidental contamination of test samples after they were taken from the system.

The system is owned by the county and serves the industrial park and about 66 residences in Saltillo.

“I didn’t have any doubts that the water was in good shape,” Webb said Thursday. “But when problems like this arise we have to assume the worst and inform the public.”

Federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations and state Department of Environmental Quality rules require the operators of water systems to give public notice when bacteria is found in water system test samples.

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