TVA customers to see summer hike in electricity cost

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Tennessee Valley Authority customers can expect to see a hike in their electricity bill starting today.
TVA began seasonal billing last spring as a way to encourage energy conservation during peak periods.
“We’re rolling into the summer rate season, starting June 1, and we want everyone to be aware that if you can conserve in these months, you’ll be a winner because winter is lower and transition months like May are even lower,” said Johnny Timmons, manager of Tupelo Water and Light.
The rate for Tupelo Water and Light customers during summer months is $0.08732 per kilowatt-hour.
“They’re trying to send a signal that the months TVA has the highest cost to produce power is in these summer months,” Timmons said. “They raise the rates to try to impact the customer to conserve and reduce their usage.
“The other thing is TVA has forecasted that as the TVA grows, if we don’t start conserving, they’ll have to build more plants and guess who pays for those. Me and you do.”
Timmons said to cut back on energy use and cost, make sure there is a ceiling fan in every room.
“A ceiling fan has proven to make you feel five degrees cooler and gives you the ability to reduce thermostat use,” he said.
Timmons also encourages customers to cut hot-water heaters down to 120 degrees and turn the drying option off on the dishwasher.
The summer rates will last from June through September.
April, May, October and November are generally the mildest months for weather and are priced at $0.08443 per kilowatt-hour in Tupelo.
Winter months, December through March, are $0.08601 per kilowatt-hour. These rates only apply to Tupelo Water and Light. While most TVA power companies will have rate changes according to the seasonal rates, each company sets its own fees.
“We’re lucky we had this weird hot weather in May, since it was a transition month, with the lowest rates,” Timmons said.

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