Union County law enforcement completing roundup

By NEMS Daily Journal and News-Exchange

Union County, New Albany and Mississippi Department of Corrections officers are completing a roundup of indictees this morning. Within three hours of the 5 a.m. start of Operation Deja Vu, nearly 20 suspects – all charged with selling illegal drugs – had been apprehended.

Indictments have followed investigation over 10 months to a year. 28 indictments, mostly for sale of crack cocaine or cocaine powder. Most suspects are charged with multiple counts – some only one sale but one with six sales.

Police say about half those indicted are being charged as habitual offenders and 10 of the city suspects are already on parole. Partly because of this and past charges, one defendant is looking at life without parole and nine are looking at up to life. About 17 had been brought in by 8 a.m.

Authorities will have a list of defendants in custody, charges, bonds and other information later today.

More as it is available.

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