UPDATE: Aberdeen board takes no action on pit bull ordinance

After tabling the issue for more than a month, the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen has yet to vote on how, if at all, the city’s pit bull ordinance should be amended. Aberdeen Mayor Jim Ballard said the issue was “complicated” at Tuesday’s board of aldermen meeting.

“This may seem like it is a cut-and-dry issue, but it is very complicated,” Ballard said. “We have an ordinance in place that needs to be addressed — we need to change the language from pit bull to vicious dog.”

According to Ballard, the city amended its dog ordinance to include a section on pit bulls in 1985. According to the standing ordinance, pit bulls are to be in pens with lids covering the container, the dogs must wear orange collars and the dogs must be registered with the city.

Aberdeen Animal Shelter volunteer Astrid Peterson, one of the advocates of a revised ordinance, said the current ordinance is not being enforced.

“The current ordinance is not being enforced properly, but even if it that was the case, the shelter does not have the proper facilities to cage pit bulls or other vicious dogs,” she said.

Neither Ballard nor the board offered a time table on when the issue will be resolved.

Monroe Journal

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