UPDATE: Aberdeen Mayor arrested on bribery charge

By Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

City of Aberdeen Mayor and interim electric department manager Jim Ballard was arrested today on bribery charges.

Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle originally stated the charge was a misdemeanor but later stated it was a felony charge. Ballard turned himself in to the police at approximately 11:40 a.m.

The arrest stems from an affidavit signed by Monroe County bail bondsman Keith Morgan. Morgan pressed charges against Ballard on March 12.

“The reason there has been such a delay on this is that the original warrant that was signed by Judge Adrian Haynes disappeared from the court clerk’s office,” Randle said. “So, we are going to make sure and have the locks changed on that office.”

According to Morgan’s allegations and signed statement, Ballard “did willfully and corruptly offer a gift of $30 to Morgan when he was at the electric department to ask questions about his bill.”

Randle said both he and Haynes made sure the charges were legitimate before issuing the warrant.

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