UPDATE: Aberdeen parents group challenges school board on uniforms

ABERDEEN — With school set to start in less than a month, some Aberdeen parents are not happy with the school board’s decision to implement mandatory uniforms for students.

“When you had the meeting about the uniforms, you said would be willing to talk to us about our opinions and they didn’t,” Ulaine Williams said. “We feel like we were not able to voice our opinions.”

Williams and three other parents brought signed petitions to the board protesting the mandatory uniforms. According to Williams, there were “more than 100 signed petitions.”

“You have brought in 100 signed petitions,” board president Michael Jackson said. “We have more than 1,000 students in the district — 100 signatures is not that many”

Williams said imposing uniforms on students is both an infringement on student rights and an economic issue.

“The uniforms are navy and khakis — they aren’t even school colors,” she said. “We can’t afford to buy a bunch of uniforms for our kids. The students should be able to wear what they want — all you are going to allow them to wear is old man pants. We are tax paying people — we should have a right to say whether or not our kids wear uniforms. They are in school, not prison.”

The board did not approach another vote on the issue.

Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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